The Volcano Dragon: Some July Fourth Fireworks!

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Category Hacking 800 x 450First of all, if you want a great way to celebrate July 4th, how about supporting my website by buying some of my Dungeons & Dragons, 4th Edition books? Eh? Get it? 4th of July? 4th Edition? Eh? See what I did there?

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A few days ago, I answered Mattias’ question about finishing out his D&D 5E campaign with a dragon fight for his 14th level PCs. In there, I commented that I wouldn’t convert a red dragon to a Paragon Monster using my Paragon Monster rules (part 1, part 2, more to come) for a campaign finisher because the Paragon Monster rules work best when you build from scratch. I commented that I would probably build an awesome volcano dragon from scratch.

Well… that’s what I did. I haven’t just built a monster in a long time for fun. So, feeling inspired, I decided to build a 3-stage volcano dragon that would make a good challenge for Level 14 PCs. Well, this monster is good for 4 to 5 PCs of Level 14, where it will be a moderate to hard fight (remember, double the XP to figure the difficulty because it counts as three monsters).

Feel free to download it, use it, abuse it, and just have fun with it.

The Volcano Dragon (PDF)


4 thoughts on “The Volcano Dragon: Some July Fourth Fireworks!

  1. Did you mean to do 8d6 (28) or 16d8 (56) on the blazing form’s lava belch? I’m assuming 8d6… Lol. Just pointing it out.

    • Fixed it. You were right. 56 was there for calculating the Offensive CR based on the assumption that it would generally hit two creatures. The correct value is 28 (8d6).

  2. Realizing that I shouldn’t just be critical, thanks for the monster!

    My party should enjoy it tonight. We all love monster hunter. I bet it’ll remind them of a Basarios or Gogmazios… with alternating color fire breath. FIREWORKS!

  3. Great stuff! I only found your site (through a friend) in the last two weeks, and it’s been universally great. I have no idea how you keep putting out content so consistently, but keep it up.

    And how do you get your stat blocks looking so professional? I’d love to be able to get my stat blocks to look half that good. It’s probably been asked and answered elsewhere, but as I said before, I only found your site in the last 2 weeks or so.

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