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How to F$&%ing GM

Want to learn how to run your first game? Bring your GM skills to the next level? Build an adventure? Start a campaign? Start here to learn everything The Angry GM has to teach you about running and creating games.

Hack Your F$&%ing Game

Want to learn how to twist, bend, break, and rebuild the rules of your game to your liking? Want to see a bunch of new rules and systems created by The Angry GM? Start here on the path to becoming a hack like The Angry GM himself.

Random Bulls$%&

Do you want to read a bunch of useless game design theory bulls$&% and pointless naval gazing? Start here to sift through a bunch of random bulls$&%. If you really want to.

Megadungeon Monday

Have you ever wanted to watch an Angry guy take years of Mondays to build a giant dungeon you could run in months? Start here to build a Megadungeon along with The Angry GM.

Ask Angry

Do you want to see The Angry GM berate a bunch of hapless GMs just like you just because they dared to ask a question? Want to ask a question yourself? Start here to read the Angriest Advice Column about gaming on the web.

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