I Am a Free Agent!

Here’s your monthly dose of pointless BS. Pontification about the non-problem of GMing agency which not only fails to answer the question, but also fails to even find a question to ask. But it does invite you to comment.

GMs Have Secrets Too

There’s an advantage to letting the GM keep some secrets from the players. And a good game designer should help the GM keep stuff hidden.

You Say You Want a Resolution

It’s time to look back at the year what was and figure out what I can do next year to run better games. For starters, I could actually run some games.

Three Stories

When one of my articles start a lot of fights, I like to keep the fights going with a follow up. Unfortunately, this time, the follow-up would be too short. Fortunately, I’ve got three different follow-ups.

Angry’s Post Gamehole Show

I went to Gamehole Con. Which means I didn’t write an article. So here’s me passing my recap of Gamehole Con off as an article.

Minimum Necessary Boredom

Playing RPGs is exciting. Being creative is exciting. You know what isn’t exciting? Absorbing information someone else created. That sucks.

Angry Maguire’s Angry Manifesto

The Angry GM: The Website: The Book: The Kickstarter was a rousing success. And so, before I’ve even finished printing and mailing out the book, people are already asking me about The Angry RPG? Well, I’m not ready to design that thing yet. But I am ready to talk about why you need The Angry RPG in your life. Mainly by claiming to be smarter than everyone else in the industry.

The Angry GM on Table Top Babble

James Introcaso of Don’t Split the Podcast Network invited me to talk with him on his show, Table Top Babble. You should listen to the podcast. And then check out James’ other stuff too.

Game Masterhood

Does becoming a GM change you? That simple question consumed my weekend, filled it with Twitter drama, and saved me from listening to someone tell me about their game in a coffee shop. Unfortunately, it also kept me from thinking of anything better to write an article about. Sorry.

All Aboard the Plot Train

If you can believe it, someone actually had the nerve to demand a birthday article. About railroading. What is railroading and when should a GM worry about it? Well, it isn’t anything and a GM shouldn’t. And here’s 4,000 words spelling that out. Happy birthday, 25-Year-Old GM

Fanservice BS: Dwarven Bear Cavalry… Yes, Really

In this month’s installment of Fanservice BS, I’m going to address the stupid idea of dwarven bear cavalry. And hopefully my Patrons will learn an important lesson about the topics they propose for this column.

A Trifecta of Unbalance

Once upon a time, I claimed to be the only one to know what game balance actually was and to be able to define at least three types of game balance in RPGs. Now that everyone has forgotten that I said that, it’s time to explain what I meant.

Fanservice BS: A Thing About Mimics or Whatever

The problem with letting your fans pick the topic is that they don’t have to actually worry about whether the topic they pick actually has a useful article in it. What do they care? They don’t have to write this crap. So here’s a post about mimics or whatever.

30 Days of RPG a Day in One Day

After four years of missing it, I decided to participate in David Chapman’s #RPGaDay blog carnival discussion thing. And, because I’m me, I decided to do the entire thing in one day at the last minute. Enjoy.

Conflicted and Misaligned: Storytelling, Conflicts, and Morality

Conflict lies at the heart of every story. And when we think of conflict, we think of the struggle between good and evil. Especially in D&D. But what if I told you that good and evil aren’t in conflict at all? And that D&D alignment is complete and utter gibberish that never made any sense?

Tick Tock: The Weird Clock Speed of D&D

It’s time for a random pile of bulls$&% from the brain of the Angry GM. Today’s steamer is about clock speeds, decision points, why D&D runs at two different speeds, and how the designers of RPGs really need to figure that s$&% out better. Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with Time Pools.