Hack Your F$&%ing Game

Want to learn how to twist, bend, break, and rebuild the rules of your game to your liking? Want to see a bunch of new rules and systems created by The Angry GM? Start here on the path to becoming a hack like The Angry GM himself.

Becoming a Hack, Theoretically

Want to hack your game? Create your own rules? This series is about the theory behind becoming a hack.

Hacking New Rules

Looking for examples of how to hack up the rules of your favorite games? Here’s a whole bunch of rules hacks for various systems.

Crafting a Crafting System

The Angry GM finally chases down his white whale: hacking a crafting system for D&D that doesn’t actually suck. So, jump aboard the Pequod and come along. There’s no way this can go wrong.

Hacking New Modes of Play in 5E

Want to hack new modes of play into 5E? If you do – or if you’re not sure what that means and want to find out – this series is for you.

Building Boss Fights (D&D 5E Edition)

Want to learn how to build an awesome boss monster for your 5E D&D game? This series will tell you how.

Building Boss Fights (D&D 4E Edition)

This is the series that started it all! How to build an awesome boss fight in D&D 4E. Totally out of date. Why would you want to read this?