Hack Your F$&%ing Game

Want to learn how to twist, bend, break, and rebuild the rules of your game to your liking? Want to see a bunch of new rules and systems created by The Angry GM? Start here on the path to becoming a hack like The Angry GM himself.

Becoming a Hack, Theoretically

Want to hack your game? Create your own rules? This series is about the theory behind becoming a hack.

Hacking New Rules

Looking for examples of how to hack up the rules of your favorite games? Here’s a whole bunch of rules hacks for various systems.

Hacking New Modes of Play in 5E

Want to hack new modes of play into 5E? If you do – or if you’re not sure what that means and want to find out – this series is for you.

Building Boss Fights (D&D 5E Edition)

Want to learn how to build an awesome boss monster for your 5E D&D game? This series will tell you how.

Building Boss Fights (D&D 4E Edition)

This is the series that started it all! How to build an awesome boss fight in D&D 4E. Totally out of date. Why would you want to read this?