Ask Angry: A Twofer For David

David asks for examples of bad habits that need to be broken and then asks about two different criteria for deciding what gets die rolls.

Ask Angry: The Xenosis

How do you create a cat-and-mouse horror experience in a table-top RPG with a too-powerful antagonist? You Ask Angry. That’s how.

Ask Angry: Three Questions about Stuff

It’s time for a quick run through the ole Ask Angry e-mail pile. Oh, hey, look, I have dozens and dozens of questions. Let me answer a couple. Heck, I’ll answer a few! Because I’m just that great a guy.

Ask Angry: Why Doesn’t Speed Affect CR in D&D 5E?

Managrimm asks: Why doesn’t a monster’s speed factor into it’s CR? The aggressive trait raises your offensive CR. It seems like ranged attackers with a speed of 60’ are more dangerous than ones with a speed of 15’.

Ask Angry: Cleaning Out the E-Mail Edition

As we gear up for the holiday season, it’s a good time to look back. Specifically, it’s time to look back through the old Angry e-mail and answer some more reader questions. Here’s some questions about illusionist villains, elven aging, and running solo adventures.

Ask Angry: How to Write a One-Shot

What’s a one-shot adventure? What’s a single-session adventure? And how is writing them different from writing any other adventure? In this Ask Angry, I answer those questions and also reference The Last Starfighter!

Ask Angry: Stealing Agency

This week, I ponder the question of when it’s okay to take control of a character away from a player thanks to a question from a reader with a really dumb name.

Ask Angry: Simultaneous Actions and Downtime Activities

This week, I tackle two different questions related by the theme of, umm, players doing things. Yeah. First, how to handle two players going at the same time in combat. Second, how to handle players doing things between adventures.

Ask Angry: Run Away, Run Away

In this week’s Ask Angry, Brendan asks Angry how to get the PCs to run away from monsters so that he can run a sandbox game without any structure. And I tell him how to build a better campaign instead.

Ask Angry: Let’s Make an Honor System!

Once again, we’re digging into the massive well of Ask Angry questions to see if we can’t squeeze 5,000 words out of an interesting question. This week, let’s write an honor system for D&D!

Ask Angry: Oops, I Answered Again

Let’s answer some more reader questions this week! How do you build a calendar for your game? How do you keep a “save the world” plot arc from consuming your entire campaign?

A Plot, B Plot; One, Two, Three Plot (An Ask Angry Special)

It started as a simple question about how to juggle two plot lines. It became an entire treatise on building campaigns with multiple plot arcs. This article is the first ever article under the category “How to Build a F$&%ing Campaign.”

Ask Angry: Oh No, More Answers

It’s time for yet another Ask Angry blitz! And the first two questions I answer are a little bit of site news. And then I answer real questions. Yay!

Ask Angry Megablitz 4: Aberrants and Amnesiacs

It’s time to clear out more of the massive backlog of Ask Angry questions. Today, I tell people how to pull off some interesting campaign ideas about aberrations and amnesiacs. And also we talk a lot about what makes horror horrible and why I hate Lovecraft.

Ask Angry Soloblitz: Reflecting on D&D 4E

I know you should never give an opinion about an ex- in a public forum, but it’s been six years now since I broke up with 4th Edition and it’s time to talk about why our relationship had to end.

Ask Angry May Madness Superblitz

In the first ever Ask Angry Superblitz, we’ll answer a bunch of questions that have been piling up in the ole inbox! Enjoy!

Ask Angry: Seeing in the Dark

Is darkvision overpowered? Underpowered? How are races even balanced? And what the hell is Al actually TRYING to ask me?

Ask Angry: Unsucking Mazes

Mazes suck in D&D. They just do. But you can’t say a thing like that and NOT have some f$&%er demand you explain how to make them not suck. Fine. Let’s take the suck out of “mazes suck.”

Ask Angry: I Stop Him from Doing That!

Have you ever had a player declare an action only to have another player try to stop them by force? GMs HATE the phrase “no, wait, I stop him from doing that.” How do you handle it? Let me tell you.

Ask Angry: Starting a Campaign

Leo G. asks a question about what information to hand your players at the start of a new campaign. And he asks it in an absolutely perfect f$&%ing way. I seriously could not ignore this question.