How to F$&%ing GM

Want to learn how to run your first game? Bring your GM skills to the next level? Build an adventure? Start a campaign? Start here to learn everything The Angry GM has to teach you about running and creating games. Pick a series to get started.

GMing, Basically

Want to become a GM? Want to learn the most basic of basic skills? If you’ve already got basic game, this series will help you up yours.

Craft Kicka$& Scenes

Want to know how to plan great scenes and encounters? This series is for you.

Run Better Battles

Are you ready to run the best damned battles you can run? This series will help.

Give Your Non-Players Some Character

Want to learn everything there is to know about all the characters in your game that aren’t run by players? This series will help.

Improve Your Improv

So you can plan and run a game? But can you make s$&% up on the fly? This series will help you improve your improv.

Up Your GMing Level

Do you think you know what you’re doing? Ready for some advanced skills? This series will help you run the next level of games.

Custom Monster Building for Beginners

Want to learn how to make your own custom monsters? Particularly in D&D 5E? Check this series out.

Adventure Building… in Theory

This series is an old discussion of the theories behind adventure building. It’s gradually being updated and replaced with a new series: Practical Adventure Building that will take a difference approach and go more into the nuts and bolts.

A Practical Guide to Adventure Building

This series will teach you how to build your own adventures for your favorite table-top role-playing games. It’s a mix of conceptual theory and practical process. For fans of the older series on adventure building, this is an update that mixes in some practical advice and a solid process.

Start and Plan Your Own Campaign

Ready to start your own campaign and want to know how to plan it out? Here’s a series just for you.

A Very Angry Campaign

This is the story all about how; I got a Pathfinder game off the ground; I’d like to take a minute, so come on in; I’ll tell you how I became the GMing Prince of Wisconsin.