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Angry Rants: How Do We Create New GMs

Several people on the Twitters (including a couple of game store owners) asked me various forms of this question: how can we, as a community, encourage the creation of new GMs. In this week’s Angry Rant over The Mad Adventurers Society, I struggle to answer that question.

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The GM Word of the Week: Bard

Love them or hate them, you probably haven’t even really been playing a bard. Which is why you need us to help you sing a different tune. The GM Word of the Week is produced and performed by Fiddleback of The Mad Adventurers Society and written by The Angry GM. Listen to The GM Word of the Week…

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Angry Rants: Alignment

Alignment doesn’t suck, you suck at using it. Seriously. I know that’s offensive, but it’s also true. Trigger warnings: boob plate, female facial hair, you being told you’re GMing wrong, alignment discussion.

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Angry Plays Maniac Mansion

In my brilliant article about how Every Adventure’s a Dungeon, I discussed the classic (but admittedly flawed) adventure game, Maniac Mansion by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick of LucasArts. If you’re curious about what the game is, how it’s put together, and what makes it historical and awesome, check out the this complete play-through.