Obligatory About Page

The Angry GM provides RPG Advice with Attitude. Whether you call yourself a Dungeon Master, a Game Master, a Storyteller, a Keeper, Game Trustee, or Lord of the Game, and whatever your experience level, The Angry GM is pretty much the best damned resource for table-top role-playing game advice. As long as you don’t mind getting yelled at. See, The Angry GM doesn’t f$&% around. He’ll tell it like it is. And he doesn’t take a lot of crap. But whether you play D&D, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Dungeon World, OSR, or any other motherf$&%ing RPG ever, The Angry GM can help you run less worse games.

About The Angry GM

Angry Portrait 500 x 500The Angry GM is 27-year-veteran of the table-top RPG trenches. His primary passions include running D&D, swearing, killing PCs, killing players, running Pathfinder, trying new game systems, running Savage Worlds, nitpicking, criticizing, swearing, ripping systems apart, pretending he hates Dungeon World, actually hating “storygamers,” playing video games, and knitting. He is currently running D&D 5E and Pathfinder, but he runs A LOT of other things as well. So don’t think he’s just about the d20 s$&%. He’ll run anything and he’ll run it better than anyone else.

In real life, The Angry GM is called Scott Rehm by his friends and relatives, mainly because they refuse to call him “Angry” despite his insistence. He’s a 40-year-old former small business accountant from Long Island, New York who currentlt lives in Chicago, IL. Do you really give a s$&% about any of that?

About Big Jon Mosley

Jon Portrait 384 x 384Jon Mosley is a comic and graphic artist form Long Island and a graduate of NYC’s School of Visual Arts. He is a long time victim of the Angry GM, playing in his home games for somewhere in the ballpark of 15 years. His major artistic influences are Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbs); Carl Barks (Scrooge/Donald Duck); Lewis Trondheim (Dungeon); and MANY retro video games (Mario, Mega Man, etc.). When he’s not chained to a drawing table, he likes to spend his time playing video games and watching Godzilla and Gamera films. He also has an unhealthy obsession with 80’s and 90’s sitcoms. I don’t know what else to say. The Angry GM said to be interesting. I have pet axolotls…is that interesting?

About Heretical Hasse

Hasse is an Angry fangirl. She liked this website so much that she practically begged Angry if she could help him. After months of emails praising the GM we so admire, begging him to let her help him (I kid you not) she finally landed a job as Copy Editor and Assistant Website Designer. Angry’s newest minion hails from The Netherlands and has been a GM for all of three years. She loves FATE and all things wrong with RPGs and it is therefore no wonder that it didn’t take very long for her to obtain the title of heretic. She will continue using her new minion status to quietly sneak into the (virtual) office when Angry is sleeping and use that time to make him a new pair of shoes.