Do We Really Need More Rules: Modes of Play in D&D

I can’t help how my brain works. I get distracted from solving problems by solving totally different problems. But before I invent more goddamned game mechanics, it’s worth questioning whether I should.

Tweaking the Core of D&D 5E

Before we can build new modes of play, we need to admit that the core rules of D&D 5E have a few oddities and are lacking in a few things we’re going to need. So let’s get out our tweaking tools and tinker with the core.

It Cannot Be Seen, Cannot Be Smelt: Hacking Time in D&D

Everything in D&D is marked in 5-foot squares. So it makes sense that the whole game is meant to be played on a grid. But everything is also marked out in minutes and seconds and hours. Where’s the grid for time. That’s a weird question, I know. But answering it leads to a powerful tool.

Exploration RULES!

Before we can build any rules modules, we have to have a solid framework for those modules. Using the previously published core rules tweaks and the time pool – both of which desperately need some revision and correction and clarification, we’re going to build a master module for exploration. We’re also going to discuss exactly what the hell a “master module for exploration” is.