This Month in Anger: May 2017

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I’m back. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you might not have realized I was gone. But I was. Last week, I took a sick leave for a week. I had to see a doctor and have some medical tests run. I don’t want to talk about it. Dealing with a new health issue that may or may not be quite serious, but it’s going to need to be sorted over the next six weeks with tests and specialists. It is affecting my ability to work, but I’m not going to let it win. Don’t worry about it.

I just wanted to check in and do the monthly update thing. And, as a tool to keep me on better track, I want to start scheduling my articles in advance. So, here is the schedule for the month of May.

Those of you who have been supporting me at the highest level ($5 or more per article) know that something else exciting is happening this month. Yes, the first month of online games has started for an initial batch of Victim-level Patreon supporters. If things go well for this initial run of games in May and June, the rest of the Victim-level patrons will be invited into the League of the Blue Cloak starting in July. It has taken a hell of a lot more to get this on track than I expected.

As I’m now running games again, there will be content once again appearing in the Secret Stash for Frienemy-level supporters. You guys have been very patient. Good stuff is coming.

In addition, a handful of Frienemy and Victim supports have joined The Angry Discord server already. This is just a casual chat community for folks who want to talk shop. I will be extending the invites to other tiers of Patrons throughout the month. Starting next month, you’ll be able to tune in there for monthly Angry Live Chats. High-level patrons will be able to ask questions and join in the discussion.

Also, there is a HUGE change coming for The Angry GM this month. But I’ll have more details later. It’s something pretty serious I’ve been working at for a while now.

I know all of this backend stuff, Patreon stuff, and health stuff has been affecting the extra content (such as Ask Angry and the Megadungeon), but I really do think those are important priorities. Even though I’m a couple weeks behind my benchmark due to doctors and crap, everything is coming together again, as you’ll see from the schedule below.

As always, thanks for your support and encouragement.

May 2017 Schedule

17 thoughts on “This Month in Anger: May 2017

  1. Now I need to be a patron for more reasons than generally being friendly.

    The amount that I now want to be a patron makes me feel like a terrible person.

  2. Considering your health issues and your not knowing whether you can keep on schedule, maybe you should just keep the planning to yourself and not make promises that you’re not sure that you can deliver. Plus you have a habit of wanting to write articles about conversations you’ve had and points that you want to make which would be a shame to break.

    But of course you’re free to make your announcements any wrong way that you want…

    I don’t really care about you, because I don’t know you personally, but I do selfishly care about your articles. So please do what it takes about your health so that you can keep writing them in the long term. I may not agree with everything you write but I enjoy reading it anyway. There, it’s not the warm and fuzzy kind of encouragement that I’m sure others will give you but it’s solid.

    • “you’re free to make your announcements any wrong way that you want…”
      Angry will hand you your a$% for that 😉

  3. I really hope you’ll deal with whatever you have at hand. I just finished a clinical therapy due to depression. Whatever it is: I wish you luck, strength and good friends to help you 🙂

  4. I’m excited for the return of Megadungeon Monday, not even really for the articles, though the articles are usually a fascinating read, but because I can’t wait to run that dungeon as a DM when you finally finish and presumably publish it.

  5. YEAH BABY! I can’t wait to have the Megadungeon complete in all its glory, so I can shove my poor PCs in it

  6. Thank you for continuing to exist. Super stoked your continued existence will continue to affect mine, especially excited to see megadungeon Monday tackle burnout, because I feel burnout familiar.

  7. You are helping me have a more reflective and open mind in things other than gaming.

    I’m sure my experience is not unique. Thank you. I pray your body can be made to keep pace with your mind.

  8. Naming your first Megadungeon Revival Tour article “Momentum, Externalities, and Burnout” gave me a little chuckle. Too true. Good to hear from you and good luck.

  9. So it’s Thursday…. the 11th… it’s past 6pm – no “How to GM” article on the horizon?

    To quote the immortal Douglas Adams, “I love the deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by!” That schedule looked so lovely too… 🙂

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