The Angry GM LIVE! and Unscreened (S01E01) Rangers and Pokemon

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News Item: Wizards of the Coast releases a new playtest version of the Ranger
Rant Item: Stop taking the GM’s dice away
Explain Your Fandom: Shannon Steele of the Gamestable Podcast explains Pokemon
Question: Why does Out of the Abyss suck?

The new ranger:
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7 thoughts on “The Angry GM LIVE! and Unscreened (S01E01) Rangers and Pokemon

  1. Angry, your interpretation on the Ranger hit dice is incorrect.
    The new play test ranger gets 2d6 for it’s hit dice but it is still singular.
    Ranger= (1) 2d6. Averaging 7 HP.
    Barbarian = (1) 1d12. Averaging 7 HP.
    O’Ranger = (1) 1d10. Averaging 6 HP.
    Fighter= (1) 1d10. Averaging 6 HP.

    Each subsequent level you gain another single hit die of 2d6. So not double the Barbarian. You cannot choose to use 1d6 at a time.

    Also. In general, your rant on the Ranger Playtest is really quite annoying and boring. Quite possibly two separate entities come out of this playtest. We could get a “Shaman-esque” circle for the Druid class and a Skirmisher class option for the Ranger.

    • From UA New Ranger Options:

      “In addition, having a higher total number of Hit Dice means a ranger can more efficiently heal with short rests, providing finer control over how much healing to shoot for when spending Hit Dice.”

      Not explicit, but the implication is strong.

  2. Hey Angry.
    Love your work. Don’t pay attention to the less than constructive ‘advice’ folks might give. Here though, is some constructive advice… I hope.
    I’ve heard you on a few podcasts here and there and I found you to be rather engaging and funny. I think this is due to you being a part of a conversation. So my advice is: during your own podcasts have a conversation with the audience. You’ll get looser as you go on. Have fun.

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