To July… And Beyond!

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Seems like I spend more time talking about future plans than I do writing current things, lately, huh? Well, life has sure been chaotic in The Angry Dome these past few months. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that. If you don’t, you should. I’m awesome.

Firstly, Ask Angry has been very successful. It’s gotten an amazing response. Such that I now have to do it two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday. Secondly, the Angry Rant and GM Word of the Week produced in partnership with The Mad Adventurers Society will continue to appear every Monday and Friday. But I know we’re all wondering about the big, meaty hole in the schedule. Where are the Wednesday features? Well, you want features? You got it.

  • July 1st: How to Talk to Players (How to F$&%ing GM) – A guide to one of the three big skills every GM must have: Narration.
  • July 8th: Thicker than Blood (Hack Your F$&%ing Game) – A less dumb way to deal with races in Pathfinder.
  • July 15th: Starting with the Beginning (How to F&$%ing GM) – We return to adventure building and discuss how to start adventures and how to motivate characters AND players.
  • July 22nd: Return of the D&D Boss Fight Swarms and Slimes (Hack Your F$&%ing Game– A new way to handle blobs, swarms, and other clouds of enemies that can come apart and go back together. Maybe even those illusionists that can split into multiple illusions and then come back together.

And after that, I am in transit. The big move. That’s right. I’ll be heading off to Chicago and kissing Long Island, NY goodbye. Well, not kissing. It can kiss me goodbye. Kiss my a$&, that is.

But that’s not all. Starting on July 20th, The Angry GM will be funded by Patreon. In return for your funding, I will deliver FOUR full-length feature articles of the type you have come to love every single goddamned month. Because, if I don’t, I don’t get paid. I’ll still do all the Ask Angry and Angry Rants stuff too. But those four feature articles will be delivered every Wednesday in return for your support.

And there will be more. If funding goes well, I’ll be able to make the Angry Unscreened Bimonthly LiveStream a reality. And if it goes really well, I’ll be able to start the Megadungeon Blog Project and give away a gigantic D&D dungeon adventure, one week at a time, while showing you how to build one of your very own.

Finally, most exciting of all, the first official Angry GM product will appear on Kickstarter in the late fall of this year. How to Even Game Master will be a fantastic guide to running games for new and experienced GMs alike. It will address everything from how to get started running games even if you’ve never run or played an RPG before, how to handle your first session, how to think like a GM, how to use and abuse your favorite game system, and how to run the least worst game possible. Why late fall? Because I’m not putting it on Kickstarter until it’s done being written. I want to be able to deliver the f$&%ing thing ON TIME.

And that will be the first of many, many exciting projects.

And now for the drippy, sappy, sentimental part. I want to thank absolutely everyone who reads this stupid site and especially everyone who takes the time to tell me how much I’ve helped them. You may not realize it, but each and every one of you have helped me make this a reality just by supporting me. And many of you have been there for me when all the s$&% hit the fan these past few months, just when I was ramping up for the next big thing. So, thanks for your patience too.

I don’t care whether you support me via Patreon or Kickstarter or whatever. Honestly, it’s the moral support that keeps me going. So, for however long I can manage to keep this thing going, I will keep delivering the best content I know how to deliver. I love writing this s$&% and I love hearing from people that it’s helped.

Thank you everyone. You’re all the best. Every one of you. Well, the best after me. I’m the best. But you’re all a very close second.

6 thoughts on “To July… And Beyond!

  1. I think any DM guide would be improved by ripping out half or more and replacing it with your articles, so I’m excited to buy your hardcover book. If you need a proof reader, I’d be happy to help 😉

  2. What? Angry is thanking me and saying I’m (second) best? You must be going soft, An. 🙂

  3. Hey, you have amazing points, even when I disagree with parts of them the over all point is still valid and good. Why wouldn’t I support that. At frankly you are doing more than all the gaming companies out there and at least trying to get people interested in running and running games well.

  4. Being a DM for two years now, I use your site like an education course. If you wrote a book, I would buy.

  5. Roll on Autumn and the Kickstarter. I can honestly say that your articles have opened my eyes to a better way of DMing so I’ll certainly be supporting.

  6. Seriously better than sliced bread. I can slice my own gods damned bread.

    Looking forward to this book and with any luck I can catch you in Chicago land sometime in the future (if all goes super well maybe you could do a signing event or something).

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