This Month in Anger: October, 2015

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Yeah, that’s right, you already got your four features for the month. So I’m putting up the monthly newsletter to let you know what’s coming starting next week and taking the rest of this week off to get ahead on content creation.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to one month and hello to another. Because time keeps sliding irrevocably into the past. F$&%ing time. Always sliding irrevocably into the past. But now is not the time for looking back. Let’s look forward to October.

Looking Back

First of all, Patreon. To my Patreon supporters: we’re two months on and you have literally kept me from starving and dying. I can’t thank you enough, so I won’t try. I’m still hunting for a part-time job, which keeps my schedule in the air, but you’ve made it possible for me to devote so much time to the site.

We hit our last milestone and that means I need to start producing a “how to even game” video series. That’s not a short term project. It’s not the sort of thing that is just going to crank out. I will probably start recording in December and then start releasing episodes in January. I want to give it the time it deserves. But I’m already working on it. You made that happen. And it will be great.

Megadungeons and Angry Unscreened

I think we can all agree that the Megadungeon project is going really well. And there will continue to be a weekly update. It will continue to drop on Thursdays, but some weeks it might get pushed to Friday because my schedule is kind of a mess until that job thing settles down.

This month, the Megadungeon will explore gating and traffic control, we’ll come up with a final “script” for the way the adventure will play out, we’ll reveal the “plot” for the dungeon, and we’re going to start scribbling some maps. A lot is going to happen.

The first episode of Angry Unscreened happened live on Google on Air. And, while it went okay, there were some technical issues on the back end and I wasn’t able to involve the chat the way I have been able to on Twitch. So, I’m looking at alternatives. The next episode will be October 15th. If that gets nailed down, then the schedule will settle to every 15th and 30th.

I am looking for some fandom experts because I think the “Explain Your Fandom” segment went well. I have some ideas in mind, and I’ll be contacting folks.

Feature Articles

As for Feature Articles for this month, I’m changing up the schedule a little bit this month. On October 7th and October 21st, I’m doing a two part series on building custom monsters. I’ll be focussing on 5th Edition because we’ll be using that stuff for our adventure building activities in the Megadungeon and in the How to Write an Adventure series. On October 14th, we’re going to start structuring one of our example adventures and talk about linear structures. And on October 28th, I’m going back to an older topic people have asked me to cover: how to build an interaction encounter.

The GM Word of the Week

The GM Word of the Week started like, two years ago, as a side-blog of mine that nobody read. Well, almost nobody. It was a fun idea, but it had no traction. And ultimately, I let it die. Then, Brian Casey of The Mad Adventurers Society pitched the idea of taking the old blog entries and turning them into a podcast. I told him he could have them but I had no interest in writing more. I figured it wouldn’t do any better as a podcast and I didn’t need another project. Well, he did an amazing job and people ARE listening. Apparently, people really do love it. It just needed the right format. And so, I’ve agreed to write a new “season.”

Last week, Brian mostly ran out of the old blog entries. And so, starting this very Friday, you can listen to the first truly NEW episode. These episodes are actually written to be performed aloud and for Brian’s voice and delivery. Yeah, there’s a difference. I’ve paid careful attention to all of the feedback and which episodes seemed to be most popular so that I could try to build the best format possible. I hope you like them.

And, hey, if you do like them, rating and reviewing on iTunes is actually more helpful than you realize. One of the things it does is ensure that the podcast shows up in searches so more new people can find it. That way, the listenership can expand beyond my fans and Mad Adventurers fans. And that also trickles readers back to this site. More readers is more support. And more support means I can focus even more time on building great content and on starting to publish real s$&%. I mean, it’s a huge trickle down, sure. But it does have an actual, tangible impact on everything.

So, when I ask you to review the thing or to give a rating, that’s not just e-penis stuff. It really does help.

Video Game Streaming

Some of you know I stream video games occasionally. Actually, I try to do it once a week on Friday or Saturday night at 9 PM Central time. Usually for about two hours. In the past, I’ve gone through long games and archived all that crap to YouTube. I was even experimenting with breaking the streams up into bite-sized for easy YouTube watching.

Meanwhile, my capture card for console gaming broke, interrupting my inFamous stream and I can’t afford to replace it right now. So I’ve been limited in what I could stream. My laptop is a workhorse, but it’s not exactly a powerful streaming machine.

Now, I love streaming games and hanging out with the chat. I’m analytical and I like researching games so I have lots of insight. And I’m going to keep doing it, but I’m going to do it casually. I usually get a half-dozen to a dozen viewers tops. I’ll move the stuff to YouTube as I can. But I’m not rushing on any of that. It’s strictly hobby stuff.

Still, if you’re on Twitch, follow me. I’m TheAngryGameMaster. And if you’re bored on a Friday night, check out my stream. I talk a lot about how games are put together and I often wander into tangents about running games and building better RPGs.

The Secret Stash

For those of you who have access to the secret stash, I gave you some goblins and a devil that I had built for my home game. This month, I’m going to give you the map that goes along with them. In addition, I’ve been working on a copper dragon lair that will hopefully drop this month. I’m also going to share a neat organization from my home game that you can use.

The Online Campaign

For those of you who pledged at the Victim Level, I’ve been a little slow to schedule stuff because I’m still looking for a job and that has a huge bearing on when I can run games. But know this is in development. This month, I’ll be revealing the details of how the awesome online campaign will work and you’ll be able to make characters. Season One of the campaign will start running in November. So keep an eye out for that.

Remember, to participate, you WILL need to use Google Plus. I will be using their community system and hangouts to schedule and run games. But it’ll be worth it, I promise.

5 thoughts on “This Month in Anger: October, 2015

  1. Your site and Mad Adventurers have become my daily morning read. Consistency is what attracts the crowds they say, so I am happy to see this article. Keep up the amazing work Angry Godking of GMing!

  2. Love seeing the constant updates. Between the high quality, easy navigation, and excellent DMing advice this website is one of the best resources on the Internet for game masters.

    Thanks for all the hard work and consistency as Paul S. said. Best wishes on your job hunt and looking forward to future Angry updates.

  3. Thanks Angry. For me the GM advice articles are what keep me coming back and are what prompted me to become a Patreon. For me that is already awesome.

    The rest is gravy.

    Megadungeon and other adventure content building examples are good.

    Angry Reviews especially of things you don’t hate and why, or things you do hate and how to make them better, would be cool.

    Word of the Week I enjoy, but there’s probably less I take away from them for my own table.

    Video is probably what I pay least attention to, simply because I have to consume it in a specific way.

    I wanted to let you know which bits I find most awesome in case you need to prioritize. Of course I am just one happy reader of your content, others may like other bits.

    Good luck with your job search and I look forward to lots of new articles! 🙂

  4. Angry is (was) one of those guys I was just hoping would set up a Patreon so I could give him money. Always a must read. And yes, I love love LOVE the “GM Word of the Week”. Hearing Fiddleback roll out Angry’s words is sublime. “This is the GM Word of the Week. And I’m Fiddleback. Flumph.”. Love it.

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