This Month in Anger: March 2016

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All right, f$&%ers: it’s time for my (sort of) monthly update. Well, it’s actually a little early this month. Or late. I can’t remember if I did one for February or not. But I have to do it because this week’s schedule (as I alluded last week) is sort of f$&%ed. And the future schedule is not f$&%ed. But it IS changing! And I’ve also got some exciting announcements as well as some sad announcements. So, let’s do this.

This Week and My Health and S$&%

You might have heard, via Twitter, that I’ve been a little under the weather. Look, I am not dying. But, the fact is I am actually a hypertensive diabetic. That’s high blood-pressure and type 2 diabetes for those who are either not in the know or are in the know, depending on which term you did or didn’t know. You know? Three years ago, they put me the hospital because my s$&% lifestyle almost killed me. Nowadays, I’m way healthier. But it seems like, every six months, things get out of whack and I need to deal with weird drug interactions or side effects, sudden deficiencies in strange vitamins, thyroid and hormone issues, and so on. The point is this: I’m doing my semiannual battery of tests to see what in my body got a little f$&%ed up and how can it be fixed. I’M OKAY! It’ll be fine. But right now, I’m going through a rough patch and it’s leaving me very drained. And very busy.

This week, you’ll get an Angry Feature article… and that’s it. The Word of the Week will be taking a week off. The Megadungeon will be taking a week off. Which is okay because we’re starting a whole new phase of the design anyway. The Feature will go live toward the end of the week. But because I’ve got a few medical tests and things scheduled, I’m not sure quite when it will be. It will likely pop up on Friday.

Once I get some medication adjusted and we make sure my thyroid isn’t going to explode or anything, I’ll be fine and back on schedule.

When There’s Nothing Left to Rant About

After weighing it for two weeks, I’ve decided that I am putting the Angry Rant – over at The Mad Adventurers Society – on indefinite hiatus. There will be no more Monday rants. There are a few reasons. One is to decrease my workload a little and to make room in my week for “other projects” (dun dun DUN!). The other is that, for the last couple of months, the Rant has been a struggle. The nondirected weekly blog about “something that annoys me” has become harder and harder to write without repeating myself. And I’m not sure how useful it really is. I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels with it. Now, I’m talking to Brian about something to replace it with in the future because I do want to keep working with the Mad Adventurers Society. Of course, we have the GM Word of the Week. And that isn’t going anywhere. People love it. I love doing it. Brian loves doing it. So, you’re stuck with it for a while.

If you’ve been an avid reader of The Angry Rant, thanks. And I’m sorry to shut it down. But I think that it’s better than running it into the ground and wasting time that could be spent on better content.

A New Weekly Schedule

The other side of this is that, going forward, I’m adopting a new weekly schedule for content here on The Angry GM website.

The Megadungeon is moving to Mondays. And I am fighting very hard to resist the urge to rename it Megadungeon Monday. We’ll see how long I can hold out. If my schedule allows, the first Megadungeon Monday will be this coming Monday. But it might have to wait until next Monday.

Wednesday will still be The Angry Feature Article. Except this week. This week, it’s going to come out sometime on or before Friday.

Tuesday and Thursday will BOTH be Ask Angry days. I am so far behind on those questions and people have asked me so much s$&% that I need to do it twice a week just to keep up. Thanks for the questions. You’re all major pains in the a$&es. I literally have over 200 unanswered questions and I get more every day.

Friday, the Word of the Week will still be posted over at the Mad Adventurers Society and mirrored here.

In the Works: Let’s Learn How to Even RPG

One of the demands of my Patreon was that I eventually record an Actual Play podcast with a group of people brand new to RPGs so that I could teach them – and you – how to even RPG. Well, I am excited to tell you that I have the group and the game is starting up. And I think it’s going to be better than I imagined.

The game will NOT be Livestreamed. It is unlikely I will EVER Livestream an ongoing game. I’m just going to throw it out there because people keep asking. Please stop asking me to Livestream my games. Please stop asking me to sit in on my games. I don’t need or want an audience for my D&D games.

That said, Let’s Learn How to Even RPG with The Angry GM and Some People will start recording soon. I am going to record a few sessions before I start editing them and releasing them as episodes. I want to have a good enough lead to keep up a weekly release schedule and that means getting ahead of the game and building a solid workflow. Also, that “and Some People” thing is just a placeholder. I need to come up with a catchier title. And I also don’t want to ruin the surprise of who the “some people” are. I’ll just tell you it’s going to be a FUN group.


I will be at GenCon this year. I’m just putting that out there. I intend to run at least one seminar. I’m not sure yet what the seminar will be, but if there’s anything you’d want out of an Angry Seminar, you might want to post a comment. I’ll keep you apprised as to my schedule.

If you want to meet up at GenCon and say hello, let me know. I’m usually pretty f$&%ing busy at GenCon, so I’m not going to try to promise to run games for anyone at this juncture. But if you want to say hello and grab a drink or something, I can do my best to do that. If you want, I will also tear up your character sheet and tell you why it sucks.

More will be announced about GenCon. There are a few things going on there that I’m not ready to reveal just yet. But more news is forthcoming.

Also, I will NOT dignify any further questions about the Sailor Jupiter thing. Drop it guys. It was a f$&%ing joke. Let it go.

Livestreaming: Mapping and Other S$&%

Just because I won’t Livestream an RPG session doesn’t mean I am not a Livestreamer. First of all, I DO Livestream video games once or twice a week. I don’t consider that content production, though. It’s just a thing I do for fun. So, I’ll probably keep up on that in the evenings. If you want to come hang out and watch my play video games and joke around and talk about game design, visit my Twitch channel. I’m TheAngryGameMaster on

Currently, I have two playthroughs in the works. First, Angry Tries Bloodborne is my blind first time playing Bloodborne for the PS4. If you want to watch this stream, you have to follow the rules. I do not want any help, hints, or advice from anyone who knows the game. I am playing the game for the thrill of exploring it, discovering it, and getting good at it on my own. I avoid spoilers and strategy guides like a f$&%ing plague for this reason.

The second is The Angry GM Revisits Dark Souls. I’m doing a solid, thorough playthrough of Dark Souls with analysis and discussion of the game’s design, its story, and its mechanics.

If you want to catch up on those or any of my past game streams, I archive them on YouTube where I am TheAngryGM.

In addition to video game content, I’ve also started Livestreaming this City Mapping Project. And I intend to keep doing that. It’s settling into a groove of me mapping sections of the giant city while also talking to the chat and answering questions. Last time, it was 90 minutes of mapping and 60 minutes of Q/A. I think that might actually work out to be a good format so I intend to continue doing that twice a month. We’ll f$&% around with the format until we find a balance of interaction and instruction.

It’s not quite what I promised in terms of a bimonthly live video chat show, but I think it works. And in time, I will probably expand to other mapping topics. I am also archiving those to YouTube.

If you want to find out what my weekly streaming schedule is, all you have to do is go to my Twitch page. Each week, I will post a graphic showing the scheduled streams for the week. You should also follow me on Twitter. That’s the BEST way to find out what I am up to.

Some people have asked me “if I’m stretched so thin, how can I keep finding time to stream video games?” And I do find time one or two nights a week. The thing is, though, that’s relaxing time. When other people come home from work and Netflix or watch TV, I play video games. And currently, the game I’m playing is Bloodborne. And streaming it is fun. No one can work all the time. And I need to put aside a couple of hours out of each week to relax. Video games are it. And they also keep my creative energies up. Now that the PS4 has made streaming so effortless, it’s literally nothing extra to turn my video game time into streaming time.

19 thoughts on “This Month in Anger: March 2016

  1. Sorry to hear you’re doing poorly, dude. Hope you get better. Yay for that time of the year when we fortunate few have fun getting sick.

  2. I am so glad you are NOT livestreaming the actual play. I am so sick and tired of 4 hour livestreams that waste my time. Say what you want about Titansgrave, the one thing they got right was EDITING. Sure play for 3 hours but cut out the crap and give us the 45 minutes of good stuff. Do not spend the first thirty minutes blathering on about “and we’re live!” “we’re live?” “we’re live!” “sound problems!” “can you hear me now?” “ok fixed” “and now I’ll waste 30 minutes asking you to subscribe, and we’ll be at PAX-North-by-Southwest in some place you don’t care about, and next week Laura is voicing Batman!”

    Seriously: editing. And 1 hour running time tops!

  3. Honestly, I really enjoyed the angry rants. But I do see your point about covering the same ground, and I think expanding ask angry will give you a forum to continue guiding the sorely misguided.

    I guess what I’m saying is, keep being Angry. And feel better soon!

  4. New schedule sounds great to me. Hope it works for you as well as it sounds like it’s going to work for us! (And also stay healthy, man!)

  5. Sorry to hear about the health troubles. I’ll miss the Angry Rants, but looking forward to more Ask Angry!

  6. Type 2 diabetes is no joke, I hope the Big GM in the Sky (because I’m convinced he’s a GM) gives you all the buffs and healing potions you need aka drugs and un-plague-ridden food you need to keep yourself healthy.

    We want to drying our tears from your scathing GM rebukes for many decades to come :).

  7. I think it’s an especially smart decision to stop the Angry Rant column. There’s really few people who would actually do that – stopping something established like that before it turns sour. It’s kind of like what you wrote about the sunk cost fallacy – you do actually make some of the decisions others usually push off. Just saying I appreciate that and I am curious to see what use you will put your time to instead. Best of luck with that!

    Beyond that, good luck on the health.

  8. Is there a possible foreshadowing of important things at GenCon? Maybe some official AngryGMGames announcements about the “How to f$%#*&g GM” book and the much anticipated “angRyPG”?

  9. I’m one of those old players/new DM’s that started on your site. It was through your site that I was introduced to MAS, sorry to see you leaving them, MAS will be diminished without you, but glad your keeping things going here.

    Very much enjoying your mega-dungeon series, you do put together some interesting encounters. I remember one with players fighting a troll on the root system below a giant tree, good stuff! How about a series of official AngryDM mini encounters, allow DM’s to bring a little “Angry” to their tables. As a creative exercise perhaps even build them from word seeds supplied by your Patreon supporters. Read and enjoyed the article on city mapping by the way will check out the live stream in near future.

    Sorry to hear about your health issues, all the best for a speedy recovery.

  10. I feel your pain, I also have hypertension and type 2 diabetes. I didn’t care about my health when I was young, definitely came back to bite me in the ass. I still struggle from time to time, it can be hard to live healthy when your constantly surrounded by delicious food that wants to kill you, but with regular cardio and sticking with a diet that’s less than 100 carbs a day iv’e managed to do fight it fairly well so far.

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