This Month in Anger: December

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All right, November is behind us and December is looming. Pretty soon we’ll be leaving the flaming wreckage of 2015 behind us and careening into 2016. And that means it’s time for my monthly update thing.

Now, now, don’t worry that I’m doing this on a Wednesday. Check your calendar. We’ve got five Wednesdays in December so you get four nice, shiny Angry articles. But this is a good week to play catchup.

Firstly, in the spirit of a bunch of holidays I will be ignoring this year due to the fact that anyone who actually gives a s$&% about me is 800 miles away, I want to say thank you. To you. Yes you. You, the person reading. And if you’re a person who also supports my Patreon, double thank you. Four months ago, I thought I’d have to shut down the site to survive. But, here we are now, four months later and I am actually getting by. I mean, there have been a lot of setbacks, as you know. But without you, the site would probably have gone away.

What’s coming this month? Well, I’ve finally managed to recreate enough of the Megadungeon stuff that was on the hard drive that got stolen, so we’re going to be resuming that series. So, there’s that. And I’ve got a whole bunch of Ask Angry’s in the till for this month. So there’s also that. AND… I’ll be starting online games for my Frienemies in January. I’ll be reaching out in the next two weeks to start getting that organized. And since I am now creating content for my own weekly games again, I’ll be dropping a bunch of stuff in the secret stash. I have some pretty nifty maps coming soon. By the end of this month, I can honestly say I’ll have fully recovered. It’ll be an exciting New Year.

As for feature articles, we’ve got two great articles to continue the series on adventure structure. But, I’ve also paid attention to the feedback I’ve received. See, that thing on combat management seemed to really get a lot of people excited and a lot of folks have been clamoring for more of what I call those “basic skills” articles. So, I think I’ve got two pretty neat articles that should excite people. And one of them will be a response to a question I get a lot: how do you run your first game? So, if you’ve never gotten behind the screen before and want to start the New Year with a game of your very own, Angry Santa will be giving you a sweet gift in your stocking.

So, that’s what’s coming for December.

As for the future? Well, I’ve recovered most of the equipment that got stolen from my apartment. So that means the next step is to get The Angry GM Live and Unscreened back on the air AND start recording the “How to Run a Game” video series. Those things will start up right after the holidays.

And finally, I will definitely be at GenCon this year. If you’re going to be at GenCon and want to meet up and shoot the s$&% or grab a drink, let me know! I’ll be running a few games and trying for a seminar or two this year, but I also want to make time to rant to your face. Whoever you are.

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14 thoughts on “This Month in Anger: December

  1. You’re awesome, Angry! I’m really looking forward to December!
    Also, this is me formally letting you know that I’ll gladly block out time next GenCon to buy you a drink and pick your angry brain.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Great to hear that you’re well and thriving!

    I’m looking forward to the “run a new game” article. For over 10 years ago I GMed a monthly game, but haven’t played RPGs for a long time, now. But I now intend to start up a new game now for a bunch that have never played RPG’s at all, and don’t know what it’s all about. And I want the first (and possibly only?) sesstion to be absolutely thrilling. Actually, I’ve promised them I’ll blow their minds, so now I really have to deliver a performance;p

  3. Megadungeon! Yes! Woot!

    And I’m also looking forward to the new GM article. That subject would be fantastic with your insight and methods.

  4. I am still eagerly awaiting more advice on how to handle social interactions. I’ve been looking around the net forever for some GOOD advice to run a political intrigue game, kin to Game of Thrones.

    Love me long time angry!

    • I was also looking forward to this article when you announced it a while back. Has it been shelved?

      Glad you’re recovering from a very trying time, thanks for all the awesome content.

      • “And on October 28th, I’m going back to an older topic people have asked me to cover: how to build an interaction encounter.”

        Yeah… he wrote about it way back in OCTOBER.

  5. Well happy holidays Angry. You had one helluva year! I’m so glad i discovered your material in the last few months… It’s informative, critical, eye-opening, and often hilarious. And finally, there’s something to make this horse&@$! month worth looking forward to! Here’s to everything 2016 will bring!

  6. Great to hear. I’ve learned so much from your articles, I definitely feel like I’m a better DM because of it. Looking forward to Gen Con, hopefully I’ll have a chance to buy a round of drinks.

  7. Eagerly awaiting more Megadungeon. Hearing ways that you frame encounters and put monsters in always inspires me for my games. Also eager for the first-time GM articles. Most advice I’ve read on the subject is basically just tips on table manners and prepping stats. Glad that you’ve gotten past that awful burglary!

  8. Hey Angry, I love the great work you’re doing here. Will you still be able to write that Pathfinder monster building article you mentioned in MB 101 and MB 201? Or did I miss it somehow? Thanks. (MB 202 is not about Pathfinder.)

    “Now, we’re going to break this down into THREE lessons. Lesson one is about custom monster building the RIGHT WAY. That’s this one. Lesson two is about custom monster building in D&D 5E. Lesson three is about custom monster building in Pathfinder, because I don’t want to leave the Pathfinder folks out.”

    “Let’s start with some basic rules. Or rather, let’s end with some basic rules. In the next installment, we’ll tackle the specifics of monster building in D&D 5E. And after that, we’ll make some Pathfinder beasts. So, you enjoy these quick tips and I’m going to have some salmon.”

    “In THIS article, we’re going to analyze the rules that make 5E monsters work. I’m going to try to explain how it all works and how things all fit together better than the DMG did. And I’m doing that so that, NEXT article, we can actually find a process for building awesome D&D monsters. And then we’re going to do the same damned thing in Pathfinder.” (Does not mention Pathfinder at all.)

  9. Hey Angry, I love the great work you’re doing here. Will you still be able to write that Pathfinder monster building article you mentioned in MB 101 and MB 201? Or did I miss it somehow? Thanks.

    (MB 202 is not about Pathfinder.)

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