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So, I did ANOTHER podcast thing. Jim McClure of Talking Tabletop asked me to to talk to him on his podcast. The only caveats? He wanted to talk to Scott, not The Angry GM, and he didn’t want any GMing advice. So check it out as we babble about the state of the industry, the state of the community, how I started this blog out of spite, and what my hopes and aspirations are. Yeah, I s$&% you not.

And, if you like it, check out his other episodes. They are all pretty great even though they don’t have me in them.

15 thoughts on “Talking Tabletop Interview

    • Note: That is not to imply that there isn’t some smart stuff here, but I feel like you pitch too much weird sensational stuff like “Kickstarter has no QUALITY CONTROL!~” (as if there were quality control that was any good in the 80s and 90s when it was all “professionals”) and weirdly uninformed stuff like “RPGs are basically the same game they were 20 years ago” mucking it up.

      Still disappointed.

      • Better does not mean good.

        And also, I said RPGs are the same PRODUCT they were 20 years ago. I think you missed an important point there. I talked almost entirely about the way RPGs are packaged, presented, and sold.

        Regardless, I stand by everything I said. Sorry you don’t agree, but, as an American, I will defend your right to be willfully incorrect with my dying breath because.

        • Except you didn’t say “better”; And honestly, the whole thing is a mess when you consider the quality of some of the stuff that DOES come out of Kickstarter.

          I also find it confusing that you accept the idea that “boardgames have fundamentally changed” (I believe this was put forth by your co-host, but you certainly didn’t protest) but RPGs have not. Either boardgames are still basically the same (“A bunch of stuff in a box with instructions”) and RPGs are basically the same (“One or more books”) or boardgames are fundamentally different (“Not just Monopoly anymore!”) and RPGs are also (“Dungeon World”); It seems like you were mixing the two quite haphazardly.

          I agree with your assertions about The Industry, except that I don’t even think that’s fair, because you’re basically using “The Industry” as a synonym for “A few big RPG companies” which is at once fair (They make up up a large part of the market) and completely unfair, in that a lot of the stuff you are asking for is already being done by other people, they just lack the market penetration to make it really matter. In much the same way that you publishing your own RPG would, I’m afraid. The reason the “RPG Industry” isn’t adapting isn’t because no one has thought of all these ideas, but in fact, that WotC/Paizo/FFG are too set in their ways. Presenting this as some sort of idea that people have never heard before is to do a disservice to all the people who’ve been having this idea for over a decade.

          • Also, the idea that board games have fundamentally changed is pretty laughable. Sure components are prettier as costs have gone down, but companies like Avalon Hill were putting out sophisticated board games in the 70s.

    • To nuance the picture I bit, I was not disappointed. I think everything was very well reflected and professionally presented. Good job, angry.

  1. This was great. After listening you citing some RPG systems, I am now convinced that you should take one day to make a rant about what you think are the strengths and bullshits of these systems in your opinion. Also man, I can’t agree with your mentor more: publish! I’ve been waiting for a book from you for years! Be it GM advice or even an Angry RPG! One thing let me down though: I was hoping to find out why did you rebranded yourself from Angry DM to Angry GM, but I guess I wasn’t luck this time! My best wishes.

  2. You said that one can only get into RPGs by having someone else in your life playing them. I would like to point out that that is not entirely true. I got into D&D a year or so ago by wondering whether there was a group interactive storytelling ‘thing’ out there, watching the yogscast series, then buying the 4e red box.

    • You had never heard about it before? Interesting.. when you picked it up, how did you feel it was presented? I haven’t seen the 4ed red box you speak of, but the Players Handbook starts off as usual; gabbling about elves and halfings and XP-tables and all sorts of geeky stuff, and I imagine that would be off-putting to some but does nothing to show you what is actually cool about roleplaying games and what it’s all about.
      And the entire DM’s guide does very little to tell you have to be a good GM. How to structure the flow of the game, pacing etc. The DM’s lacks a short-hand of many of Angry’s articles, if you ask me.

  3. Totally agree with your comments on the Patreon monthly subscription. WaitButWhy is a monthly subscription. They’re raking in 13k a month for very sporadic production. I’ve got to feel like someone’s going to get annoyed at some point.

  4. Enjoyed hearing your thoughts. I’d love to hear you more frequently on the podwaves. Perhaps another run on Happyjacks?

    On a seperate note I’d like to know if your dislike of FATE is as an RPG or as a game. I know some people don’t like it on the grounds that you take the role of co-author more than character (seems odd those same people may like to GM where they do similar every session). Some people also delegate fiasco for the same reason. Ultimately I think it’s all kind of stupid. As long as everyone is having a good time than the game doesn’t really matter. We all play video games right? No one gets up in arms about playing those or a board game, so why is FATE any different?

    FATE almost feels like GM training wheels, with how it involves the players in world creation, etc. From that perspective I’d figure you’d be one of its biggest cheerleaders. The gaming hobby (RPG’s real and not) needs more GMs. Anything which can get players to begin down that path would seem to be a welcome addition.

    I’d love to see an article with a full breakdown of your condemnation or acceptance of games like FATE. You have an outspoken viewpoint on the matter and I think it would be very interesting to see it all dissected for our consumption.

    Glad to hear you got some of your stolen stuff back. I hope things go better for you going forward,

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