Stuff I Don’t Hate

Where I Buy My S$&%

  • Legendary Realms Games An awesome game store with a meatspace location in Plainview, NY and an Internet location on the other end of that link. In addition to the usual gaming s$&%, they also sell custom made terrain. Check them out. Tell them The Angry GM sent you. But only after you buy from them. They tend to jack up the price because I still owe them a crap ton of money after I tried to battle-scorch some metal space marine minis in the store microwave. A$&holes.


Websites I Don’t Hate

  • Melvin Smif’s Geekery It’s a blog about games. Some pretty in depth reviews and other cool analyses. I read it semi-regularly when I’m bored rereading my own amazing stuff and imagining how lucky people to be able to read my stuff without already knowing everything I’m going to say.

Podcasts I Don’t Hate

  • Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast If I’m the angry, angry Frasier of gaming, these guys folks the rest of the Cheers crew. Seriously. They claim to talk about gaming, but mainly they drink and burp. But, they haven’t quite killed off all their brain cells with booze because they do have a lot of smart things to say when they finally get around to it.
  • Gamerstable If NPC Cast are the Portlandia crew of gaming, then I’m tired of this analogy. The Gamerstable crew are like, I don’t know, the cast of Community or something. Who the hell knows. I didn’t think this through. But they’re a good panely discussiony thing about gaming issues.
  • RPG Academy If the… you know what? F$&% it. RPG Academy is another podcast where some gamers talk about games and nerdy s$&%. Listen to it, too. They are interesting and insightful and one of the hosts has a hilarious Midwestern accent of some kind that I can’t stop laughing at.

Comics I Don’t Hate

  • Nameless PCs An awkward comic for awkward people by an awkward person. But it’s always good for a laugh. There was a lot of “detachable nose” humor in the old days, but the comic has since branched out into also sometimes having a baby in it. I don’t know if the baby’s nose is detachable.
  • Today Nothing Happened I know this day-in-the-life comic by Shazzbaa is finished, but you should read the archives. Seriously, I feel like I went to crazy art school with her. And holy s$&% is art school a weird, crazy place filled with people who actually make me feel semi-normal by comparison. Also, there is a slight chance that the comic once cured a serious stomach virus I had. But I have no proof.
  • Full Frontal Nerdity From Aaron Williams, the dude who did Nodwick… Nodwick. You know? Big-nosed henchperson? In Dragon Magazine? Magazine. You know? A thing made out of dead trees that had printouts of websites on it before the internet was invented. F$&% it. Look, just go check out William’s talking heads comic about a bunch of gamers being nerds.
  • This Comic by Stephen Joy Who is @mstephenjoy? Just this Twitter dude. Or dudette maybe. No idea. But Stephen’s Twitter feed is filled with these silly little comics that you should totally check out. Especially this one, which he made out of a comment I Tweeted.

Other Stuff I Don’t Hate