Site Update: April 19, 2017

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Yo. Time for a quick update. This week’s schedule is a little thrown off and I have a few announcements. If you’re a Patreon supporter, this is the same update you just got through Patreon. If you’re a member of the League of the Blue Cloak, you’ve got another announcement coming so check out the Broken Lantern. There will be more information for you by tomorrow afternoon.


Basically, my chronic health issues have cropped up again. They were under control. They are not anymore. And I’ve got some new ones. I’m working with a new doctor to get everything back under control. I’m not dying, nor in imminent danger of dying, and I should be able to avoid another hospitalization by getting certain things under control right away. It’s just slowing me down a lot these past two weeks. Not looking for sympathy or anything. I wouldn’t ask for anything I wouldn’t offer and I don’t do weak human emotions like sympathy. But if I’m slow to respond or get back to you on certain things or if I disappear off social media for several days, try to be understanding.


This week’s feature article may go live on Friday or it might go live on Monday. I’m trying, but my schedule has been backed up due to the above issues and I’m waiting on the results of several medical tests. That might screw stuff up. Next week’s feature article may also go up late, but it will be up by next Friday the latest. You’re getting you’re two articles. They might just get pushed back a couple of days.

Hopefully, this week’s Bonus Content will make up for it.

Bonus Content

If you were around last night, you might have already seen a fun (or frustrating or terrible) bonus article. It’s a republishing of an old logic puzzle/riddle contest I ran on my site six years ago that I recently rediscovered in an old backup hard drive. Check it out. I’m not running a new contest right now (but I actually DO have plans for a contest this summer), but you can see how much you would have hated me.

Tomorrow – that’s Thursday, April 20 – at 12 PM EST (11 AM CST, F$&% MST, 9 AM PST), I will be appearing on Nerdarchy’s daily Google+ live stream. Check out Nerdarchy’s pretty cool site for lots of great gaming content. And you can watch the stream tomorrow (or any time thereafter) at

Tonight – that’s Wednesday, April 19 – at 9 PM EST (8 PM CST, F$&% MST, 6 PM PST), Fiddleback and I are hosting our monthly Live Chat with the fans on Discord. If you support the GM Word of the Week on Patreon (which, by the way, is a separate Patreon from mine) at the $5 level, you get to have a fun Q&A with Fiddleback, don’t miss tonight’s live chat and Q&A. If you don’t support the GM Word of the Week yet, now is a great time to start. You’d get to chat with Fiddleback and I tonight!


Megadungeon IS coming back. Officially. The first new Megadungeon article WILL be live on Monday, May 1st. I know a bunch of you want it. Well, it’s coming. In fact, the article is mostly done. So it’s definitely coming. This isn’t an empty promise. It’s coming back. And I hate all of you for liking that series. It’s a pain in the a$&.

17 thoughts on “Site Update: April 19, 2017

  1. I can’t decide whether to think League of the Blue Cloak is your higher-level patrons who are getting in on the monthly game, or if this is a joke. Either way, I’m amused.

  2. I’ve been dealing with a lot of issues recently too. It’s great! My doctor told me that because of how early it got warm, and how long the cool-but-warm temperatures lasted, a lot of people are dealing with severe allergy issues. Yay that.

    The bonus content riddle was hilarious. Perfectly trolly in so many ways.

  3. “And I hate all of you for liking that series. It’s a pain in the a$&.”

    Perhaps you should consider tactically sucking at something once in while, then you wouldn’t find yourself in these situations.

  4. Hope you get better, Angry! That’s the most important issue of all.

    I almost feel guilty for saying “Yay!” about the Megadungeon. Anyway, thanks for your great site.

  5. Love the riddle, Angry. I think I’ve got it. But I’ll wait till you answer it before I tear my rotator cuff patting myself on the back.

  6. Hope you feel better, Scott. Thanks for creating great work, even if some projects like the Megadungeon are a royal pain in the arse. You are the first person who has taken the time to go through the process in such detail.

  7. Well… As much as everyone, I wish you get better soon. But I can’t say I’m not pleased by the announce of a new Megadungeon article. That’s what got me hooked on this site, after all, and I honestly thought I would never read another line about it. I’m totally fine with you hating me for liking that!

  8. Great riddle. Totally logic. No ambiguity at all. If you pay sufficient attention to semantics. Great job, again. Which I am going to shamelessly use in my next module. Again. For I am sorry to have to insult the Angry man you are, but you seem to be a bottomless well of bounties for us GMs around this sick planet (I am from France, excuse the breauquène english). For the aforementionned, and possibly many more reasons, please get better.

    • Correction: “I hope you to get better.” Because medical conditions, unlike a good module, areoften railroady, lacking agency. getting better is not a choice.

  9. Did anybody see where Angry posted the answer to his riddle? He said on Twitter he would post it 24 hours after the riddle was posted. Did I miss it? Can somebody direct me to it? I can’t rest until I know if my wizard lived.

  10. I’m sure the long awaited Megadungeon article will go live today, May 2nd… 😉

    This seemed so certain:
    “The first new Megadungeon article WILL be live on Monday, May 1st.”

    • It will be up between now and next Monday. I’m dealing with a potential medical emergency. I announced this on Twitter. I’m keeping the details personal though.

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