The Month in Anger: September, 2015

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It’s time for the once a month (from now on, I swear) Angry Newsletter. All the News that Throws a Fit.

The first actual month of the Patreon has been an amazing success. Thanks to every single of you who support me. If you don’t support me, thanks for reading me. If you don’t read me, I’m sort of confused as to why you chose this particular paragraph to start with, but whatever. Welcome. Of course, everything has been chaotic because, in the middle of this all, I dropped everything and moved to Chicago from Long Island. Unless you’re a brand new reader, starting here, you already know that part. Thanks.

A few things have gotten a little delayed. But we’re on track now. So here’s some specific news items.

What’s Coming in September

The first one has already been published by the time you’re reading this, but there’s two pretty great articles about the adventure building process coming this month. We’re getting down to putting some solid stuff on paper now and moving away from high-minded concepts. So, that’s pretty cool.

I’ve also got another D&D 5E article in the works about screwing with monsters. But we’re going in the other direction this time and coming up with a good mechanical way to let the PCs wade through hordes of lesser foes without having to track 20 monsters at a time. Hint: it’s like Paragons, but backwards.

There’s one more little wildcard. Not sure what to do with it. So I’m going to claim it’s a surprise rather than admitting I don’t plan ahead nearly as well as I think I do.

Oh, and I see we get a fifth Wednesday this month. And that means a free extra feature! That’s right. You supporters are still only pledging for four features, but everyone gets five this month. It’ll be another one about adventure building. Look forward to that.

Ask Angry is now once a week, every Tuesday. But to make up for it, I’m going to try and pair up some longer and shorter questions to work through the HUGE backlog of questions I’ve got. So you’ll still get two answers a week if I can manage it. I do like to expound, though.

Starting on Thursday, September 10, Thursday will now see the release of the much anticipated Megadungeon Building articles. I wanted to have it ready for this week, but it’s not possible.

And, at 9 PM Central on Tuesday, September 15, the first episode of The Angry GM Live and Unscreened! will air. That will happen twice a month on the 15th and the 30th of every month. If you miss the Livestream, you’ll be able to watch the archive on YouTube or, if all goes well, listen to the Podcast version. I am working on securing a really awesome guest for the first episode for a fun, hopefully regular segment.

Tell Me What To Make!

Are you a Frienemy on Patreon? If you are, you’ll notice I put up a new thread on the Patreon forum thing just for you. I need to get some new s$%& in my secret stash. But I’m fresh out of ideas. Give me an idea for a monster or a map and specify a system if you want. I’ll make a few things.

I’m not really fresh out of ideas. But I think it’d be fun to see what people want.

The Farseeker’s Guild is Recruiting

Hear ye, seekers of fortune. The lands beyond the walls of the City of Santiem, the Lands of the Forgotten Kings, have been opened for exploration and plunder by Lady Albereth Rowan. And that most illustrious order of explorers, adventurers, and sellswords, none other than the ancient order of the Farseekers, has been chartered to plumb its mysterious ruins and catacombs. Have you the mettle to put behind you the protection of our city walls and brave the unknown wilds for the chance at ancient treasure and exciting adventure? Come to the Farseeker’s Guildhall forthwith for consideration.

That’s right. Victims of the Angry GM on Patreon are being welcomed as the first new members of the Farseekers Guild. Official invitations and instructions will be going in the next two weeks for this exciting experimental online campaign. Each of you will get to choose to participate in at least one online adventure per month via Google Hangouts. In addition, as a member of the guild, you can share information and interact with other guild members to attempt to unravel a deeper story. Season 1 will run from October through December.

If the experiment is successful, additional seats may open up for Season 2. So be on the lookout.

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