Schedule Change and Consolation Prize

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Hey kids, The Angry GM here. It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means: new feature article! Well, I’ve got some bad news. The feature has been pushed off until tomorrow. A little bit of a real life delay happened and the feature really needs a solid rewrite that I didn’t get to finish. It’ll be here. But tomorrow. And the Megadungeon will be here on Friday. You’ll also still get an awesome Word of the Week on Friday that is – no lie – pretty damned amazing.

Sorry about all of that.

However, here’s a freebie gift to say I’m sorry. See, I’ve been taking a Unity programming course. Just as a hobby, don’t get excited. I’m not making an Angry GM game or anything like that (yet, but who knows what will happen someday). Our first big project was a stupid little prison break adventure. I’d call it a text adventure, but it’s not even that. It’s really just a choose your own path style game. But I’m irrationally proud of it. So, if you have five to ten minutes to waste and want to see if you ESCAPE THE ANGRY GM’S PRISON, download it below. There’s a PC and a Mac version. Just download and uncompress the files to some directory and run the program. Have fun…

Oh, the little graphic that says “PRISON?” Yeah, that was part of the coursework. The instructor gave us that graphic so we could learn how to display a graphic. I should probably change it. But I’m moving on to learning how to actually have a UI interface and allow mouse inputs.

Download Escape the Angry GM’s Prison for PC
Download Escape the Angry GM’s Prison for Mac OSx

8 thoughts on “Schedule Change and Consolation Prize

  1. Hey Angry,

    Just checked out the Mac version – looks like the zipping went awry. The app bundle is broken. We just get the Contents folder (without the enclosing .app folder).

    I repaired it locally and the app runs, so it’s just a zip issue.

    • That’s true.
      To fix this is easy:

      1. Create an AngryGMPrison folder.
      2. Copy the Contents folder inside it.
      3. Rename the folder to
      4. Zip the and redistribute it!

      By the way, I escaped from the Angry GM’s Prison… sort of! 😉

  2. I have fixed both links. Because I’m a f$&%up. The PC version now downloads the PC version. The Mac version now has the thingy inside the correct .app folder thing. I don’t use a Mac, so I grabbed the wrong folder. Not used to that file structure. Anyway, both links now work.

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