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The Angry GM here with a quick update. It’s been a rough time here in The Angry Dome as you might remember from last week. I’m recovering though. What can you do? And I did get some good news in the form of a part time job to help me cover my life expenses. That means I’ll be in training for a couple of weeks before the job settles down into a normal schedule.

Meanwhile, I discovered that one of the devices that was stolen was an external hard drive that I used for “non vital” documents. E.g.: gaming stuff. See, I did a clean reinstall of my OS not too long ago to clean up my computer and moved all the gaming documents onto that so they would survive the reinstall. I had backups of them all in Google Drive, though.

Well, sort of. Because, you might remember the saga of the Google Drive when I changed from TheAngryGM to TheAngryDM. Long story short, my Google Drive was wiped out. And now this external hard drive is gone. What was lost? Well, a bunch of my old personal creations and homebrew stuff. And all the design work I’d done on the Megadungeon prior to when I started blogging about it. I’d gradually been pulling the data out and using it write those blog entries. And I had gotten into actually mapping and designing the thing. So… that sucks.

Anyhoo,… you’ll get a feature article by Friday this week and you’ll get a¬†feature article next week by Friday. They are going to come out, they just might be a day or two late.

Starting November 1, the regular schedule will mostly resume. Monday: Angry Rants, Tuesday: Ask Angry, Wednesday: Feature Article, Friday: GM Word of the Week.

In November, though, the Megadungeon will be biweekly. You’ll get one on the 5th and one on the 19th. In December, the Megadungeon will return to its weekly schedule. I just need time to recreate the data and get ahead of the articles again.

I am thinking the Online Game for high level supporters will get started in January and run in three-month seasons. I really do want to do that and I have a really great idea for it, it’s just a little time intensive. And, I want to show my gratitude to my strongest supporters and I still think that’s the best way.

Likewise, Angry Unscreened and the Learn to Play video series both require me to replace a bunch of computer equipment. So those things will probably start up in December or January.


3 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Glad to hear you are recovering, albeit slowly. Ive become kind of obsessed about the megadungeon project since you started it, so I will lament its loss and hope for a phoenixlike return on November 5th.

    You really handled this situation with maturity and patience, at least to your readers, further cementing that you are the smartest and sexiest GM around. Thanks for the update, and I drool in anticipation for Friday’s article.

  2. Best wishes as you get back on your feet.
    This site rules and I’m very glad you are keeping up the great work you are doing here despite the setbacks. Reading your articles really picks me up and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.
    Carry on!

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