GM Word of the Week: Chirurgeon

In our favorite fantasy games, recovering from injuries is instantanoeus and magical. But in real life, even a small cut can be healing for year. So, in the real Medieval world, who would you go to if you needed to recover from your injuries?

Exploration RULES!

Before we can build any rules modules, we have to have a solid framework for those modules. Using the previously published core rules tweaks and the time pool – both of which desperately need some revision and correction and clarification, we’re going to build a master module for exploration. We’re also going to discuss exactly what the hell a “master module for exploration” is.

GM Word of the Week: Water Clock

And so our three-part series on the history of sailing and seafaring draws to a close. We know we spent a lot of time on it. But it’s only fitting considering how the history of sailing intersects with the history of timekeeping.