The Angry GM Occasional Sort-Of-Monthly Roundup

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I’ll bet you all are wondering: “what the f$&% is up with Angry? Where are the awesome feature articles that I’ve come to expect every Wednesday? Are we going to get more Paragon Monster stuff? Are we going to get more Adventure Building articles? And more stuff in general! I need my Angry GM Fix!”

Yes, yes, and yes. I’ve got two awesome Paragon Monster articles in the kitty for this month and next month. One is about monsters with body parts you can hack off to change the monster (like chopping the wings off a manticore to ground it). The other is about amorphous monsters, like blobs, oozes, and and a super cool way to do swarms. And we’re definitely going to keep up with adventure building. But I have other big news. So it’s time for a quick FAQ.

Are You Dying? You Sure Are Sick a Lot!

Hahahaha. No. I’m not dying. I’m actually pretty healthy, but I’ve had a mysterious metabolic problem that the doctors have been trying to diagnose for a while. But we’re on track with that. My diabetes is practically cured through diet and exercise. But I have had a three week run of an intestinal parasite. So, I have been seeing a lot of doctors, but I’m fine. Thanks for asking.

Are You Leaving? Where Are You Going?

It is now official, I am leaving Long Island, NY and heading to Chicago, IL. I am throwing all the crap I own in a truck on August 1 and moving. I have enough money put away to live for a while and I haven’t had much luck on the job front because I don’t live in the city. But that will sort itself out. However, if you hear of an opportunity for an experienced staff accountant or small business accountant in the Chicago area, you can feel free to let me know. It wouldn’t hurt.

However, I am looking for an apartment. I’m trying to spend between $700 and $900 a month on rent and I’m looking around the West side and Lower West side, around Little Italy, Pilsen, that neck of the woods. I have friends there. So if anyone knows of an opportunity and can put in a good word for me, I’d love to hear about it.

I Really Want to Give You Money! Take My Money!

This really baffles me. It seems to me that if you’re getting the milk for free, you don’t try to stuff money down the cow’s throat. But whatever. People keep asking me about Patreons and Kickstarters and things. I seriously get messages every week begging me to take money.

Firstly, I cannot run any crowdfunding endeavors while I am at my current job. That’s part of why I’m leaving. It’s complicated. But, on July 24th, I am starting a Patreon to help support my site. And any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Especially because I’m going to be in financial turmoil for a little while. It’s a big move.

Secondly, yes, there will be a Kickstarter. In the late fall or early winter, I will be announcing the first product. It’s one people have been begging for. The Angry GM’s Guide to How to Even Run Any Game Ever (working title, I’m sure the editor will polish it up). It will be a great guide for budding GMs to learn the ropes and for people who have never run games to run their first game. It will be system neutral, but focus on the sorts of games I always focus on: D&D, Pathfinder, Dungeon World, and probably Star Wars. The book will be available in print and as an electronic thingie. Of course, it will have interesting new ways of looking at RPGs so even more experienced GMs will get something out of it, but it will be focused on being the GM Guide nobody is f$&%ing writing: the one that teaches people how to run games.

But that’s not all. I have a two year business plan. I’m starting with a small easy project to get my feet wet and build some seed money. And things will grow. Things are going to be very exciting if you’re a fan of The Angry GM.

If you want to support me before the Patreon and before the Kickstarter (which would be greatly appreciated), I am going to be pouring more batches of stuff onto eBay. I got sidetracked with the health issues, but I’ve got to start cranking on that again. I’ve got some real neat stuff coming for sale starting this weekend.

What Should I Expect Over the Next Two Months?

Every week, there will be a new Angry Rant and a new Ask Angry. As for feature articles, I have six feature articles I’d like to publish over the next eight weeks and I’m going to do my damndest to crank them all out. Once August rolls around, the more successful my Patron, apartment hunting, and job hunting go, the stronger my update schedule will be. But I WILL go back to a new feature article every month.

The Angry GM UNSCREENED! Livecast is on hold right now. But that’s another post-move project. The Megadungeon project is also on hold until after the move and my ability to do that one will depend on the Patreon’s success.

You Know Your Update Calendar Is Broken, Right?!

Yes, I know. I broke my PHPs trying to fiddle with something. I’m going to disable it right now because my Update Schedule is actually a little broken right now. But, Wednesdays are still new feature days (coming soon), Monday is Angry Rants, Tuesday is Ask Angry, and Friday is The GM Word of the Week. There’s a reason to check my site every week!

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  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Looks like a bit of a bumpy ride. Hopefully your patron and kickstarter work well and I look forward to seeing the guide you are putting out.

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