June 15 Quick Update

Just a quick update on the schedule for the rest of the month. As some of you will be aware, I’m heading out of state for a week and then I have a medical procedure immediately upon my return. Originally, I was going to keep to my schedule, but that’s just not feasible.

This weeks’ post will go live NEXT week either late on Thursday June 22 or early on Friday June 23.

There will be TWO posts the following week. One on Tuesday, June 27 and one on Thursday, June 29.

There will be no Megadungeon on Monday, June 19. But there WILL be one on Monday, June 26.

The Word of the Week schedule is unaffected.

Basically, I’m just taking this week off. I’m on vacation. And I’m not bringing my laptop even.

8 thoughts on “June 15 Quick Update

  1. I know I am not entitled to know but this whole “I am ill but I won’t tell you what it is”-teasing is very GM like -.-

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