How to Ask Angry

Do you have a question you want The Angry GM to answer? Great! Because I answer two to four questions a week on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. But the important thing is to submit your question properly. If you don’t submit it properly, it won’t be answered. I guarantee it. Originally, I explained the process in one simple paragraph at the start of each Ask Angry. But people kept getting confused. So, now I need a need page to explain it.

How To Submit a Question to Ask Angry

  1. Type your question up somehow. Be brief and get to the point. On YOUR blog, you get to be as wordy as you want. On MY blog, I’m the wordy one. A paragraph or two of the actual question is good.
  2. Put that typed up question into an e-mail. If you don’t know how to compose an e-mail, then you haven’t earned the right to ask the brilliant Angry GM for help. Sorry.
  3. Put ASK ANGRY in the subject line. If you don’t do this, the automatic mail sorter program I keep in the basement who sorts my e-mail for food will miss it. And then I will have to flog him. I mean… uninstall it. Yeah. It’s a program. Not a human being.
  4. Tell me, in the e-mail WHO to credit the question to. You know that “<person> Asks:” thing? Tell me what to put in for <person>. And, BY THE WAY, if you’re a blog or have a Twitter account or something, I WILL turn your name into a hyperlink to it if you ask me to or add a link to your thing. Just my way of saying thanks for your question. Give me the details.
  5. E-mail the question to THEANGRYGAMEMASTER@GMAIL.COM.
  6. Sit back and wait. There are a lot of demands for my brilliance. I generally try to respond to every single question I get to at least acknowledge it, because I’m THAT awesome, but I’m behind schedule and A LOT of people want my brilliance. I will ALWAYS e-mail you to know when the answer to your question is going live. Obviously, you shouldn’t e-mail me a question that is urgent in some way. Don’t send me “I’m starting a campaign in a week and I need help or else it is going to fall apart” or “I’ve been shot by a furious player because I killed her favorite halfling rogue, how do I stop the bleeding?”
  7. Bask in the brilliance that is the answer to your question.