GM Word of the Week: Ziggurat

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Word of the Week 170 x 170

There are some settings in which the GM just has to use a pyramid. And then there are others where a simple pyramid just won’t do. Enter the ziggurat.

The GM Word of the Week is produced and performed by Fiddleback of The Mad Adventurers Society and written by The Angry GM of this site right here that you are reading.

2 thoughts on “GM Word of the Week: Ziggurat

  1. Hey angry.

    I know it was kind of a fluffy week here in Angerville. But, after nearly three months, you are finally back to full power, putting out a great article every day this week. The Anger is flowing strong.

    I’m really glad I stuck with you, and I’m sure many of your other readers are too. You’ve come back from some rough shit, and managed to be humble and forthcoming with us about your work. Despite the hardship, you pushed through.

    So, thanks for being awesome. I’m looking forward to next week’s articles!

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