GM Word of the Week: Paladin

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Folks in the know will tell you that the paladin had it’s origins in the court of King Charlemagne. And those folks are wrong. Paladins come from fiction. And not the fiction you think.

The GM Word of the Week is produced and performed by Fiddleback of The Mad Adventurers Society and written by The Angry GM of this site right here that you are reading.

7 thoughts on “GM Word of the Week: Paladin

  1. Is it possible to get a transscription of these? Some seem quite interesting, but I prefer going through material at my own pace and dislike podcasts as a medium.

    • Here’s the deal: Word of the Week belongs to the Mad Adventurers Society. It’s not mine anymore. I write the scripts for them, but they produce, publish, and host the things. They DO offer transcripts as part of their Patreon rewards. So, the transcripts aren’t mine to give. And it would be against the spirit of my partnership with MAS to give them away. And even if I didn’t care about the spirit of it, I’d basically be undercutting them. I’m sorry about that. But I can’t give away the transcripts.

  2. Is “katana” coming up? I’d like to hear Fiddleback’s smooth voice read your excellent real-world research on the sword that seems to get strange advantages over other swords in RPGs.

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