GM Word of the Week: Otyugh

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What’s the secret history of the otyugh in D&D? There isn’t one. So we had to fill this episode with a lot of s$&%. Literally.

The GM Word of the Week is written by Scott “The Angry GM” Rehm and produced and recorded by Brian “Fiddleback” Casey with new episodes available every Friday at

One thought on “GM Word of the Week: Otyugh

  1. Hey Scott! I recently stumbled upon your page, and as I lay rubbing my ankle, I realized I had found a gem. I then proceeded to limp astonished over a bunch of articles, and then to GM Word of the Week. Your podcast, like your GM “crash course” articles, is a solid production, but nowhere can I find information of the music you use during the word presentation and the end. It fills me with determination. Is it an original composition for your podcast?

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