GM Word of the Week: Oni

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Word of the Week 170 x 170

This week we discuss the Ogre Mage. You know, that thing from First and Second Edition Dungeons & Dragons listed right there next to the regular Ogre. Wait. What was that thing, anyway?

The GM Word of the Week is produced and performed by Fiddleback of The Mad Adventurers Society and written by The Angry GM of this site right here that you are reading.

4 thoughts on “GM Word of the Week: Oni

  1. Any chance of you posting the scripts of the new episodes on your old “DM Word of the Week” site? Text is easer to reference than audio if I am trying to remember something you said.

  2. You were right, you do a good job of writing for the performer.

    GM Word of the Week continues to be one of my most anticipated listens.

    Thank you.

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