GM Word of the Week: Main Gauche

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Just because we know our history doesn’t mean we have to follow it. Cool outweighs correct. Especially when it comes to dual-wielding.

The GM Word of the Week is written by Scott “The Angry GM” Rehm and produced and recorded by Brian “Fiddleback” Casey with new episodes available every Tuesday at

8 thoughts on “GM Word of the Week: Main Gauche

  1. Look, I only write the script. And I include the best damned pronunciation notes I can. Fiddleback has a clear, smooth, smoky, Pacific Northwest, NPR delivery that just can’t handle certain languages. Cut him some slack, please. He tries.

    I’m just pleased he actually pronounced the ‘ryu’ thing as closer to a ‘d’ sound. I also hope he doesn’t read these comments.

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