GM Word of the Week: Halberd

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Jargon begets jargon. And D&D has building jargon atop jargon atop jargon for years. Take, for example, the polearm.

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3 thoughts on “GM Word of the Week: Halberd

  1. Point of order: just because a weapon doesn’t make sense for a player doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist in the world. Halberd so scream guardsmen. It could be household guards, temple guards, or city guards. These are all npcs that the players might interact with. Likewise, any adventure happening out of confined quarters could have npcs armed with Polearms (or even players!).

    No one is advocating that we remove horses from D&D, and they arguably make even less sense for dungeon goers. So why the Polearms hate? People adventure in Fullplate, and that is pants on head retarded compared to the idea of adventuring with a spear. Gygax may have had a fetish that the rest of us may not grok, but there is nothing wrong with that. The game of thrones RPG has like four breeds of horse, but we don’t condem R.R. Martin for that.

    As for the discussion of which weapons belong in a game based on period… What year or era does D&D take place in? There is no reason their weapon evolution must mirror ours in timeframe. Besides, many magic weapons could be relics of a bygone age anyways. Maybe those halberds just finished being forged, but a vorpal oxetongue was created hundred of years ago for some legendary warrior. Let’s play more of the, “how can this be true” game and less of the historical nitpicking one.

    • Not to mention the combat effectiveness of the weapon. Their common use in Switzerland is a major reason that, to this day, hiring a Swiss mercenary constitutes a war crime throughout western Europe.

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