GM Word of the Week: Dire Wolf

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Winter has come. It has finally come to the Windy City just as it finally came to Westeros. Fortunately, we haven’t had dire wolves in Chicago in 10,000.

The GM Word of the Week is written by Scott “The Angry GM” Rehm and produced and recorded by Brian “Fiddleback” Casey with new episodes available every Friday at

One thought on “GM Word of the Week: Dire Wolf

  1. Great episode as always! I really appreciate all the work that goes into this podcast.

    I only have one pedantic quibble, but I know you guys love that stuff. It’s about timescales. I figured I’d post here since others might be interested too.

    You’re definitely right that miacids are probably the ancestors of canids (and – as a side note – also bears and seals), and they were around at the end of the Cretaceous. However, Cynodictus didn’t appear until about 25 million years later (and was indeed presumably one of the earliest true canids). “Wolves” as we think of them didn’t appear until at most 10 millions years ago, and probably more like 5. The gray wolf actually didn’t appear until at most 1 million years ago (not 60 as in the podcast episode) and the red wolf more recently than that (as another side note: the red wolf appears to be simply a hybrid between gray wolves and coyotes). Domestication of wolves by humans probably began mere tens-of-thousands of years ago, as at around 6 million years ago our ancestors still hadn’t separated from the lineage that would go on to become chimpanzees!

    Actually, I have one other quibble. Hyaenas are not canines, nor even canids. They’re much more closely related to cats.

    Hard to fault your subsequent discussion of megafauna though. Nice job!

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