GM Word of the Week: Deva

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Word of the Week 170 x 170

Is good ever cooler than evil? Chris Perkins didn’t think so. But in this spiritual successor to our episode on the Malebranche, you can decide for yourself.

The GM Word of the Week is produced and performed by Fiddleback of The Mad Adventurers Society and written by The Angry GM of this site right here that you are reading.

One thought on “GM Word of the Week: Deva

  1. Holy Bejeezus! I’ve seen this GM Word Of The Week announced here for months, but never gave two thoughts about this podcast. I assumed it was some kind of lame dictionary stuff, and in my mind it would be very boring to hear about the meaning of Pottage… oh boy I was so wrong!

    I only gave this podcast a chance after you talked and explained it a little more during your interview on Talking Tabletop, and since it’s only a few minutes long, I decided to download and give it a try… and now I am addicted! I already downloaded every single episode from iTunes and now I listen to one as soon as I get in the car!

    Your writing and Fiddleback’s voice have won my heart.
    It’s REALLY GOOD™!!!

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