GM Word of the Week: Adamant

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You’d think that a word that famously means firm and immutable would have a nice, solid definition. But it doesn’t. It’s kind of squishy and changeable.

The GM Word of the Week is written by Scott “The Angry GM” Rehm and produced and recorded by Brian “Fiddleback” Casey with new episodes available every Friday at

2 thoughts on “GM Word of the Week: Adamant

  1. Not to be confused, of course, with Adam Ant. Please don’t try to make armor out of him.

  2. Angry GM – I am a huge fan of both your website and your podcast – I’ve worked my way through the entire back catalog over the last few months.
    One note on this podcast with regards to “adamant” and or it’s derivatives not being specifically mentioned in the
    AD&D DMG.
    It was actually – AD&D DMG revised edition 1979.
    Page 164, Armor and Shield (III.F):
    “Armor of +3 bonus is of special meteorite iron steel, +4 is mithral alloyed steel, +5 is adamantite alloyed steel.”

    Ok – now that I’ve been pedantic I’ll go finish listening to the podcast.

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