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Frankenstein 800 x 600

You might be smart enough to know that Frankenstein is the name of the scientist who creates the monster, not the monster itself. But did you know that Mary Shelly actually wrote Frankenstein to win a contest when she couldn’t play outside. Seriously. Mary Godwin and her lover, Percy Shelly, were visiting the famous romantic poet Lord Byron, along with some other friends in Switzerland. But the weather was so crappy, the group was stuck indoors. They passed the time reading old German horror stories until Lord Byron finally challenged everyone to a contest. “Let’s write our own scary stories,” he said, “and pick out the best one.” Mary came up with the story of Frankenstein, which was supposedly based on a dream she had about a sewn-together corpse that came back to life. She had f&$%ed up dreams.

It’s also interesting to note that Lord Byron didn’t produce a full story for the contest. He only came up with odd bits and pieces based on German folklore. John William Polidori, who was also present, later used those snippets to inspire a book called The Vampyre, which was actually the first modern novelization of the vampire myths and predated Bram Stoker’s Dracula by almost 80 years.

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