Ask Angry: Shops and Magic Items

How do you create shops in D&D? How do you handle the buying and selling of magic items? Thanks to a question from a Care Bear, you can find out.

Ask Angry: Changing Plots, Dungeon World, and Reskinning

In this week’s Ask Angry, I blitz through three different questions in a desperate attempt to work through the backlog. Is it okay to change plot twists if your players figure things out too early? Can you use the Dungeon World die rolling mechanic in D&D? Is reskinning really that bad?

Ask Angry: I’ll Keep My d20

Given the choice, I’ll take a binary dice mechanic over a narrative dice mechanic any day. Why? Because I actually give a s$&% about the story. That’s right. You heard me.

Ask Angry: Thinking Critically

Crit systems – you know, critical hits and fumbles – are ubiquitous. You can’t get an action RPG without them anymore. But they are actually kind of stupid and out of place in most games. Why do they persist? Do you have to have one? And what’s the best way to handle it?

Ask Angry: Creativity Workout

I don’t shy away from had questions. So, if you ask me “how do I get more creative,” I’ll give you an answer. It’ll be a bulls$&% answer filled with stupid analogies about weight lifting and nutrition, but it’ll be an answer. A CREATIVE answer.

Ask Angry: Be Prepared for Published Modules

A published module seems like it should take no prep at all, right? Well, if you’ve ever run one, you know that’s a lie. Published modules can take a LOT of prep work. Even worse, it’s not always clear HOW to prepare. Unless you’re a genius like me. Or you read this article.

Ask Angry: With Apologies to the Battelbards

How do you build atmosphere at the table? I’ll tell you how you don’t. You don’t use a motherf$&%ing soundtrack. Sorry Battlebards. Seriously. Building a consistent, engrossing ambiance is not as hard as it seems. It’s just another one of those things no one ever thinks about.

Ask Angry: Relationship Advice (for 13th Age)

It may shock you to learn that I don’t hate 13th Age. And that’ve I’ve played and run 13th Age. And that I can give you good advice about, hypothetically, how to use Icon Relationship Rolls in your game better. Because, as I’ve previously mentioned, I’m awesome.

Ask Angry: Playing in the Sandbox

I don’t HATE sandboxes. It’s just that people suck at doing sandboxes. And people don’t even know what sandboxes are. And sandbox is a stupid word. ARGH!

Ask Angry: Building a Mystery

How do you run a good mystery game rather than a good game about a mystery? And what’s the difference? Read to find out and then post your s$%&y, wrong, alternate advice in the comments.

Ask Angry: Into the Woods

How do you make the wilderness actually matter? You have to f$&%ing work at it. Just like everything in RPGs. Shocking, I know.

Ask Angry: Souls in the Balance and Balancing Encounters

In this installment of Ask Angry, I field questions about how alignment works in the Angryverse (when I’m not too lazy to give a f$&%) and how to figure out how to use my Paragon Monster rules with the ludicrously over complicated encounter balancing system in D&D 5E.

Ask Angry: Traps Suck

Traps suck, but you have to do them. So, here’s some ideas about the least worst ways to deal with traps.

Ask Angry: Can We Be Evil?

Should GMs let players play evil PCs? Do GMs have any say in what the players play at all? The Angry GM answers. Spoiler alert: there’s a no and a yes.

Ask Angry: Class! Hunh! What Is It Good For?

Kevin M. asks hypothetical questions about a hypothetical RPG. And asks, hypothetically, how that hypothetical RPG might answer the hypothetical question of classes. I’m NOT writing a game, people. When the f$&% would I have the time for that!?

Ask Angry: Ultimate Lie Detectors

This week, in Ask Angry, I tell you how to deal with players that have broken your game with psychic super powers so they can never be lied to or betrayed.

Ask Angry: Slow Decisions and Writing Poetry

Welcome to the first ever installment of my new weekly advice column: Ask Angry! That’s right. Every week I’ll take a question or two someone has sent me and I’ll answer it. With advice. Hence: advice column. Obviously. If you want to ask a question, e-mail me at and put Ask Angry in the subject line. If you don’t put Ask Angry in the subject like, I’ll punch you. And ignore your question. And punch you.