Announcing Digressions & Dragons

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Yo! This is a quick update. Don’t worry. Your feature articles are on the way. I’ve got some fun stuff planned for this month, including an article about designing encounters around multiple approaches and one about horror in D&D. But those things aren’t today. Today, I’m announcing something new that I’ve been working on in secret.

If you go over to right now, you’ll find a brand new weekly podcast starring ME and my Word of the Week partner, Brian “Fiddleback” Casey. Each episode is just us talking about whatever the hell we want to talk about. Of course, there’s gaming in it. But there’s also whatever else we want there to be. Because it’s OUR podcast and we can talk about whatever we want. Our first episode is about GenCon, games we like, how D&D has passed us by and that’s okay, and how NOT to build a shark tank in your basement. Seriously.

Unlike the Word of the Week, I’m not going to mirror the episodes over here.  If you want to listen to Digressions & Dragons, bookmark that site and subscribe and all of that s$&%. Anyway, enjoy. See you next week for some encounter building goodness!