7 thoughts on “Angry Rants: Design Critique

  1. Damn straight. Newer DM here – I feel that less than half of what I’ve learned is from the books. Some from there, some from being a player, some from a friend’s advice. Honestly though, much of it has come from reading stuff like this – blogs and discussions. I do take it all with a grain of salt, but reading these types of things helps to expand on my knowledge of the gaming community’s issues, quirks, and so on. It gives a chance for me to reaffirm information from official sources with sometimes a variety of opinions. I honestly feel that it’s made me a better player, and hopefully a better DM.

    As for the criticism… Nothing is above criticism, nothing beyond reproach. That’s bull. Looking forward to future articles!

  2. I know you mostly deal with D&D, but I’d love to hear your analysis of Pathfinder. I’m not smart enough to dissect it like you, and these kinds of topics really interest me. Thanks for all of your insight, Angry!

  3. I’m bummed you had to waste your time with an article like this, when there is so much other stuff you could be writing about.

  4. I loved this, and it very much needed to be said. Too many people think that the system is secondary and don’t understand how much the system and rules encourages different structures of play. I was explaining this to my group the other day when pitching the idea of a WoD one shot – the decisions and tension in 5th Ed, where you can heal to full after any battle as long as you survive and where you can be on death’s door with no penalties, is very different from a game where your character suffers mechanical penalties from any moderate to serious wound and takes real-world times to heal. Maybe you want one or the other – fantasy action would be a drag if you started getting disadvantage as you became more injured – but it’s valuable to see how each supports different play and narrative types.

  5. Maybe I missed something but where exactly is the article you reference in this one? (Doing the Best They Can Because WotC Can’t be A$&ed to Care) I can’t seem to find it anywhere, did it get taken down?

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