4 thoughts on “Angry Rants: Definition vs. Discovery

  1. You’re wrong. Personality in 5e is a tool so that you don’t start play with a one dimensional caricature … Bob the Fighter. Or an avatar, an extension of yourself. Not only that, it’s written flexibly to help a new player inform decisions on how to act, as someone who is not themself, during play.

    5e’s Personality chapter is one of the best RP tools I’ve seen come out of D&D in a while. It’s very similar to the way skilled actors get into character. A few sentences about motivations, strong opinions, and character defects. Simple, easy to hold in mind, and a whole lot better than nothing or just making it up on the fly.

  2. What if the new player wants to be Bob the Fighter? Some people love acting, others don’t care for it. I just started some players who are brand new to RPGs. It’s funny to watch how they immediately started to show different ways of enjoying the game. One loves acting in character and she started to figure out how and when to do that within minutes. Another loves challenges and he dived right into those. The third is totally into sensory things, she started drawing doodles and drew an amazingly detailed map of the scene from the description I gave. They all had a good time and asked for a second session right away. Who am I to tell any of them that they’re having the wrong fun?

    • That’s great. But dissing 5e Personality system, which is designed to enhance role playing, meaning any decision making in-character, isn’t justified. It does what it’s designed to do very well: help players that want to get in character do so.

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