Angry Rants: Cliches a… What?! No! I Don’t HATE Story!

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Category Rants 800 x 450I didn’t WANT to talk about story again. I really didn’t. But ever since I started talking about it two weeks ago, people have been blasting because I “hate story” and defending “storygames” as the be-all and end-all of role-playing games. Maybe we can put this to bed once and for all now?

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2 thoughts on “Angry Rants: Cliches a… What?! No! I Don’t HATE Story!

  1. So basically your saying that players usually want freedom of choice within a constrained setting because it’s easier to be creative and see how a story should sorta unfold?

  2. I am pretty much in agreement. The whole “storygaming” thing seems misguided because, for me at least, the whole point of RPGs is that the story emerges out of the gameplay. If everyone is sitting around fretting about “what is best for the story” then that defeats the object, as far as I’m concerned. The story writes itself while we’re all rolling dice and levelling up (and imbibing substances of one kind or another).

    The only point where I disagree with Angry (with you, I should say, if you’re reading this, Angry) is on railroading. For me, railroading defeats the object just as much as the story gaming approach does. I do prep and plan when I DM, but I have found that the best approach is to prep and plan each session more or less in isolation, with only a vague idea of what the next couple of sessions after that will involve, and no idea at all of what will be happening three or more sessions from now. This means that I can write the next episode based on what the players have done in the most recent one, which means their choices can have big, sweeping, meaningful effects on the direction of the story. But in my head if not on paper I have a vaguely Joseph Campbell-esque circular diagram thing, which I sort of review and update after each session, and I always have a pretty good idea of where the players are on it at any given time. So it’s sort of like the players are in control of the specifics, but I am in control of the overall structure. It works quite well.

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